June 2012 Newsletter

Kerala Tank from Crochet Today

Kerala Tank from Crochet Today

Lacy Tunic from Vogue Knitting Special Crochet issue

Lacy Tunic from Vogue Knitting Special Crochet issue

Traditional Oya Lariat from Interweave Crochet.  Photo credit: Harper Point

Traditional Oya Lariat from Interweave Crochet. Photo credit: Harper Point

Ariannah Sampler, from Unexpected Afghans

Ariannah Sampler, from Unexpected Afghans

From this wonderful Etsy artist: http://www.etsy.com/shop/lilithist?ref=seller_info

From this wonderful Etsy artist: http://www.etsy.com/shop/lilithist?ref=seller_info

Hello friends and fans!  It's been a while since my last communication, but I've been busy. Here are some of my most recently published designs. Kerala Tunic, is on the cover of Crochet Today! Another is in the spectacular Vogue Knitting Crochet magazine, it's called Lacy Tunic. The current issue of Interweave Crochet includes my design for a Traditional Oya Lariat, based on one I purchased in Istanbul last summer.  There's also an article I wrote about crochet in Turkey, where the needle arts have a very rich tradition.


This week we are celebrating a new book by Interweave: Unexpected Afghans. Wow, there are some really gorgeous projects in here, and Interweave has done its usual fab job with photos.  The book is authored by the wonderful designer and technical wiz, Robyn Chachula, and has designs by a slew of great designers, including Marly Bird, Simone Merchant-Dest, Annie Modesitt, Linda Permann and several more.  My project is a Tunisian sampler that has some very nifty stitches in it.


Would you like a PDF of this book, for FREE?  I'll be giving one away. To enter to win, just leave a comment responding to this newsletter at CrochetInsider.com (click the link at the very bottom of this page).


I've also been blogging at Jimmy Beans Wool blog, where we have our very own Crochet Corner!  If you're interested, you can find entries on a variety of topics, most recently

Etsy is Inspirational!


with some photos of beautiful work: like the one on this page by lilithist.


Your comments on these posts helps the folks at Jimmy Beans gauge your interest in crochet, so please, if you have something to say, don't hesitate!  


Further down on the same page is my post on How to Succesfully Substitute Yarn.  Always a tricky issue, and I hope this post provides useful guidance.  My earlier posts (there are 5 thus far) can be found by clicking Older Posts at the bottom of the page. I will continue posting at Jimmy Beans Wool blog every other Friday.  If there are things you'd like me to cover please let me know.


As I write this, I am taking a vacation from New York City life in Northern California: at bottom is a photo of what's right down the road from where I'm staying in Mendocino County (if you view this page at CrochetInsider.com, the photo will be larger).  As I type, there is a doe and her adorable spotted baby munching on the grass right outside the window  -- unfortunately,  if I attempt a photo they will certainly run off, but you get the picture, right?  






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Beautiful work!

Great article!  LOVE the Kerala tank!

Unexpected Afghans

What a beautiful book....  Hoping to be a winner of the ebook....


Winner will be announced shortly.  Anyone posting comments after noon on June 25 will not be eligible.  But you are welcome to post if you have something to say.  Thanks for all the comments everyone, really appreciated!!! Dora


How exciting for the give-away and all the wonderful new patterns that keep coming!  Great job and hope you enjoy New York!

Vogue Knitting Special Crochet issue in UK/Europe

Just to let crocheters outside of North America that Vogue Knitting is called Designer Knitting in the UK/Europe. The special crochet issue with Dora's fabulous Arabella tunic, as well as all the other great patterns, is in this special issue of Designer Knitting. I agree, Etsy is a great place to discover wonder crochet patterns..as well  as other design inspirations. I could spend hours on Etsy admieing all the talent there! Although I usually prefer hardcopies of books...now that more and more publications are available as ebooks, I'm finding I actually like the pattern-rich books (or magazines) in ebook format, as it's so convenient to print out a pattern and put it in my project book (notebook with clear sleeves to insert paper/pictures) to carry around.

Thanks for catching us up on

Thanks for catching us up on your latest appearances in print and around the Web, Dora! I have to hunt down that issue of Interweave Crochet now--have loved your travelogues and articles about mid-eastern and central Asian techniques and their places in the cultures. So many great new things (and older things coming to light) in crochet these days! And who can resist innovative afghan patterns as a place to play around.

I would love to win this and

I would love to win this and give it to my Mom! She's the afghan maker in the family, I haven't developed the patience for long projects yet - I'm working on it though lol

Unexpected Afghans

Glad to see your third newsletter!  Unexpected Afghans looks as though it has some fun projects with new techniques. Great that you're giving away a copy.

Unexpected Afghans

There some pretty awesome afghans in that book. It would be a nice addition to my library. Hope you are enjoying your vacation.

Beautiful Stuff!

Thanks for the newsletter!  Such beautiful projects!

I'm super excited about the book (glad I was able to find you here as the link to click in my email was broken!)


Keep the newsletters coming!

Well - now I'm off to the 'beans blog to comment THERE!


gorgeous designs!

love all your latest designs, Dora! can't decide what yarn to use for some, so i'll be heading to the jimmy beans blog to check out the substitute yarns blog. the kerala tunic is a definite make.

This is very timely for me. 

This is very timely for me.  I am exploring ideas for an afghan to create for my daughter who will be moving into forward with her relationship and moving in together in a new apartment this fall!  I'm excited for them and looking for just the right project! 

Love to win

Love to win

I love the lariat. The spring

I love the lariat. The spring flowers are just blooming here in N Idaho.


Unexpected Afghans

I would love to have this e-book to use in my prayer shawl ministry.

crochet ebook

Thanks for the opportunity to win the eBook. I have several knitting projects in the works, but I also love to crochet.  I plan to order yarn fo Margaret Hubert's Passion Flower Jacket in Crochet! Magazine, Spring 2012 as soon as I finindh one of the sweaters I am knitting.  I also just ordered a rosewood hook and yarn for the "Soldier Love Crochet Capelet CAL

from Jimmy Beans. 


Thanks for the great designs and informative posts.



I'm just starting Tunisian

I'm just starting Tunisian crochet, so your sampler in the new Interweave book would be a wonderful add-on to my lessons.  Thanks for the offer of a free copy.

I didn't know about the

I didn't know about the crochet chat at Jimmy Beans, I will definitely check it out. I just recieved an order from them, great service and wonderful yarns.

I sure hope you brought a warm crocheted sweater with you to Mendocino. I'm in the South Bay but love the area you're vacationing in and visit at least a couple a times a year. We've been having rather cool weather this week so I know it's nippy at the coast.

Unexpected Afghans e-book

I would love having this e-book for use to with my prayer shawl ministry.

Unexpected Afghans e-book

I would love having this e-book for use to with my prayer shawl ministry.

Free Book

My Grandma taught me to crochet and I am so glad that she did!  I'd love a copyof Unexpected Afghans!


I would love to win your

I would love to win your book!

Responding to newsletter

Hi Dora. I noticed you've been very busy designing and writing. I have both Interweave and Vogue crochet. I love your designs! ...and your articles are great and super informative. I am so amazed how rural you will go to bring us native crochet wearable art. Thanks for opening up new/old crochet worlds for us. Linda

Beautiful work!

I love your Lacy Tunic!  It's beautiful, and on my very long list of things to make sometime.  I'd also love a digital copy of Unexpected Afghans.

Thanks for sharing your designs.


Pdf giveaway

Hi Dora, I have enjoyed reading your newsletters. I also enjoy perusing your patterns from time to time. I love garments and accessories made with crochet. I have just re-entered the world of crochet afghans, and would love it if I could win the book. (of course I have it on my book list in the event I do not). ^_^

Unexpected Afghans

I would love to win this book.  I'm in the process of making afghans in memory of my father for the Skilled Care Unit where he lived for six years and the cover pattern would be great for this, I think.  I'm sure there are many other great patterns in this book because Robin's patterns are always visually appealing and well-constructed.

Unexpected Afgan Book

Yaiiiii! I'd love to have it in my virtual library. Thank you for sharing the news with us in every newsletter. Greetings. Eva

Re: Shawl

I love the shawl, and the details with the lace and flowers!  It's so pretty!  This would definitely be something I would love to make.

June 2012

I love the lacy tunic!  I think that will be my next project.  I always enjoy your newsletter.  No pointy sticks for me, I only crochet, never learned to knit and it's too late for me now.  Thanks!

I love to crochet too. It's

I love to crochet too. It's the first thing I learned. I also said I'd NEVER go to "The Dark Side", but alas, I eventually did learn to knit. Now I'm teaching crochet, knitting, and tatting at a local retail craft store. The other day I taught an 86 yo woman knitting and she did pretty good too! So.........it's never too late.