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Little Red Fingerless Gloves

Little Red Fingerless Gloves

Anouk Bolero

Anouk Bolero

Garden Trellis Vest

Garden Trellis Vest

Hello all you crochet maniacs out there!  

Hope everyone is having a great summer! I have a few fun things to share, starting with my newest published design, Little Red Fingerless Gloves.  These are available for purchase at Jimmy Beans Wool and are part of Jimmy Beans' Stitch Red campaign.  Half of my proceeds for this design will go to support research in women's heart disease.  The pattern is particularly recommended for those who want to do some pretty lace work with only a couple hundred yards of yarn. The original is worked in Madeline Tosh Lace, a divine yarn, and there's lots left over for another project.

Also published this month are my first two designs for Tahki Stacey Charles, one of the most AWESOME yarn companies around.  They have been supporting crochet for years, have a huge selection of great yarns, and beautiful, stylish patterns.


Two new books have come my way that I recommend highly:  one is Sharon Silverman's latest book, Crochet Scarves, published by Stackpole Books.  As usual, Sharon's great sense of style is on display, and she has included a great variety of techniques, yarns, and levels of difficulty.  There's a Tunisian cabled scarf, several lovely lace ones, Broomstick lace, more Tunisian crochet, twenty-one scarves in all.  Big photos show all the steps involved, making it a terrific learning tool as well.  Crocheters who want to up their stitching skills while working on very useful projects that are great for family and gifts --  grab this one and have some fun. 


The other book, by Potter Craft, is called "Handmade to Sell."  Written by Kelly Rand with 3 additional authors, all of whom are heavily involved in the handmade industry, it is a very informative book.  Essentially it's a broad overview of the multifaceted tasks, skills and knowledge one needs to succeed: pricing, marketing, places to sell, publicity, taxes, and much more.  I have no doubt that anyone seriously interested in selling handmade will gain much from reading it.  For example, one page had a simple formula for calculating how many items you need to sell to make a profit.  When I did the math based on my designing, I learned that I have to make 90 designs in a year to make a profit - no wonder I'm not rich yet!  The graphics have a folksy playfulness that I love.   So many disposable books being published these days, but this one is a real keeper.


We're giving one copy of Sharon Silverman's Crochet Scarves to a poster, so please post your comments to win! 



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Book Give Away

I have seen this book online and it looks very interesting.  I would love to win a copy of this book.


Thanks for all you do for the crochet world.

I have looked at the Crochet

I have looked at the Crochet Scarves book by Sharon Silverman and it resides on my wish list for now.  I would love to win a copy.


I enjoy your crochet insider newsletter very much.  It is very inspiring.  Keep up the great work.

scarf book giveaway

Both books look really interesting. I make scarves to donate to various organizations in addition to my own growing collection of scarves.   I would love to have this book to learn new patterns and techniques. Thanks.

Would love the scarf book, I

Would love the scarf book, I love Sharon patterns. I am a big fan of your patterns too Dora!


I've put this book on my wish list. I would love to win it. Thanks.

Re: Fingerless gloves pattern

I love the new pattern you have for the fingerless gloves!  They are pretty and elegant.  I would love to win the scarves book!

Crochet Scarves

Thanks for the reviews and news! I'd love to get a look at the new Crochet Scarves book; the little Vogue book of similar title helped jump-start my fascination with crochet several years ago.