Spring 2013 Newsletter

The new DVD, which includes the pattern for this vest.

The new DVD, which includes the pattern for this vest.

Hello Friends!

I hope you are enjoying the spring weather that has finally arrived! 

I am thrilled to announce my debut on DVD! Back in February, I took a snowy trip to Loveland Colorado to shoot a DVD about Tunisian crochet with the folks at Interweave. Here we are in May, and the DVD is now available for purchase! Yes, you get 2 hours of time, just me and you, to learn all about Tunisian crochet. It's really very complete, and you can go from beginner to advanced just by studying what's shown in the video, including beginner and advanced stitches, Tunisian in the round with a double ended hook, Tunisian entrelac, Tunisian cables, and much more. Check out these links below to purchase the DVD or an instant download into your computer.



And guess what - we are doing a givewaway of one copy of the DVD. Please comment below about why you are interested in Tunisian crochet, and one winner will be selected to receive the DVD in the mail.

This video is a great companion to my book, The New Tunisian Crochet, published by Interweave earlier this year. It has been getting great reviews! Here are some links if you'd like to read them.





And here's a podcast I did with Marly Bird about it:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/yarnthing/2013/03/13/the-new-tunisian-crochet-with-dora-ohrenstein

Some of the projects you'll find in the book are on this page. I'm so grateful to all the designers who contributed their wonderful projects to the book - thank you Vashti Braha, Doris Chan, Lily Chin, Lisa, Daehlin, Andrea Gracierena, Margaret Hubert and Charles Voth.

Lastly, i want to mention the 2nd Vogue Knitting crochet magazine, just released this month. The crochet community has reacted with great excitement to Vogue's comtinuing commitment to crochet. You can see my design for that issue below. Not surprisingly, it's Tunisian Crochet!  

Look out for several more designs, some Tunisian crochet and some regular crochet, in upcoming issues of Crochet! magazine and Crochet World. I'm also writing regularly for Annie's Talking Crochet newsletter. 

That's it for now, wishing you a fruitful day! Best, Dora

NOTE: WE'VE GOT A WINNER. CONGRATULATIONS ANNETTE!  Feel free to post comments but the giveaway has ended. Thanks everyone!


Dora's Tunisian pullover in Vogue Knitting Crochet 2013

Dora's Tunisian pullover in Vogue Knitting Crochet 2013


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Tunisian Crochet DVD

I really enjoy Tunisian crochet and exposing both knitters, crocheters and those who do not knit/crochet to this techinque so much that I even carry around extra Tunisian crochet hooks(especially the larger hook sizes) in my project bag just to give away in order to encourage them! It's so nice tho see the excitement and the sense of accomplishment that people feel once they have given it a try. Once they are "hooked"(forgive the pun) I tell them about the Tunisian crochet resources that I have(like Dora's new book). I am constantly expanding upon my Tunisian crochet skills and would love to win a DVD. I'm sure having this DVD would definitely help me develop my skills even further as there is so much to explore with Tunisian Crochet. Dora is right when she says there's lot's to sink one's teeth into.  Thanks again for the opportunity and good luck with your new book. I'm sure it will do well.

Tunisian Crochet DVD

I would love to learn Tunisian Crochet, the projects look lovely!

Thanks for the chance to win the DVD :)

Slippery Slope

I have been trying to avoid the slippery slope of learning Tunisian crochet for about 2-3 years. Winning your DVD would certainly foil my plan to refrain from adding an addictive new dimension to my crochet/handspinning hobby. My favorite yarn to spin is handspun, btw. There's just nothing like it.

re:Tunisian crochet

I love tunisian crochet, because it's a cross between knitting and crochet.  It's reakly easy to do to get  a different look.  I'd love to win a copy of you dvd abd designs.  I love all of your designs.

I taught myself the tss

I taught myself the tss stitch and a bubble stitch to make 3 scarves this past fall/winter for gifts.  I would love to really expand on this learning.  I loved how they looked and received many compliments.  Please enter me in your DVD contest.  thank you.


Tunisian DVD

I have been crocheting for about 40 years and have made many items of clothing for myself and grandchildren.  I see the lovely items made with Tunisian and would love to learn how to do it.  I see so many beautiful patterns and would use them often if I could learn at my own pace.  I think the DVD would be the perfect 1:1 medium. 

I have done a little bit of

I have done a little bit of Tunisian crochet but would love to see your video as I learn better by watching than to try and read and gather info from a book. Thanks for the giveaway!

Got your new book.  Just

Got your new book.  Just recently learned how to do Tunisian Crochet.  Looking forward to learning more about such a wonderful technique or style of crochet.  Thanks so much for putting together an informative and easy to use book.  Would love to have the compainion DVD to go use too.

Tunisian Crochet DVD

I've been wanting to learn tunisian crochet, I've got a couple hooks, and a couple patterns from Mary who started the crochnit craze several years ago.  A dvd would be so helpful, it is much easier for me to learn by being able to watch how it's being done.  This would be a great gift to win, but just in case I'm bookmarking the site for the purchasing links.

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks ~ Tunisian Crochet & Me

Though I have been crocheting for about 50 yrs, I have never tried tunisian and have been wanting to learn it, as I have seen many patterns that I have had to pass over as I did not know how to do tunisian.

Would love to win a DVD copy of this book, as there are so many beautiful patterns I would love to try and to be able to say I have mastered another form of crochet that I have never thought I would!

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks ~ Tunisian Crochet & Me

Though I have been crocheting for about 50 yrs, I have never tried tunisian and have been wanting to learn it, as I have seen many patterns that I have had to pass over as I did not know how to do tunisian.

Would love to win a DVD copy of this book, as there are so many beautiful patterns I would love to try and to be able to say I have mastered another form of crochet that I have never thought I would!

Tunisian DVD

I've been interested in Tunisian crochet for several years.   I have made a few pieces, however without having a LYS with classes beyond the basics, a DVD would be a perfect learning tool.


Tunisian DVD and Vogue Knitting Crochet magazine in UK

Hi Dora and everyone,

My collection of crochet resources is overflowing. Dare I put myself in the ring for Dora's DVD? At a time when I'm being more finicky about what new crochet-related item makes its way into my home? (and any item for that matter).

I just love what you do, Dora. I love the way especially how you communicate YOUR LOVE for crochet and the enthusiasm with which you approach ALL THINGS CROCHET. And I love hearing you sing (I know...this is not a musical DVD!), so seeing you on DVD talking/moving/crocheting all together at once, would be so inspiring. And of course, I'd learn how to do Tunisian from a great teacher.

And, to date, I do only have ONE BOOK on Tunisian crochet, so my library isn't overflowing in that topic. And I received some nice Tunisian single hooks for Christmas that I haven't used yet. Ok, I put myself into the ring for the DVD drawing.


And on the other topic, just FYI for those of you living outside Canada/USA....the Vogue Knitting CROCHET special issue magazine is called something different in the UK/Europe/Oz/NZ etc. I believe in all these countries it is sold as DESIGNER KNITTING.  I bought last year's issue from an online magazine seller, as I didn't have a local source. See how it looks here:


So if you go to the link above, you can see what the magazine will look like AND see actual photos of the designs in the magazine. So even those of you in North America might find it worthwhile to have a look. It looks fantastic!!! Absolutely worthy of shelf space on an already adundantly packed crochet bookcase...


Marie ...in England...have lived in 6 countries to date, so can't say how long this will last. But the gardens are nice here :-)



Tunisian Crochet DVD Giveaway!

I am reading your book right now! Struggling my way through the basics of Tunisian crochet (unwanted decreases!!) and would LOVE to get a copy of the DVD! Thanks so much for making this! And Thanks for the giveaway!

your tunisian book and DVD


congratulations on the release of your DVD.  i look forward to seeing it.  you may recall that i reviewed your tunisian book on my blog in march.  your readers can read that review here.  i always look to you for innovations in crochet!


Congratulations on the Tunisian book

"The New Tunisian Crochet" is an incredible book--stunning to look at and filled with very useful information.  For people who want the drape  and fit of knitting with the ease of doing crochet, Tunisian is perfect.  Among it's many benefits is the ability to keep a steady stitch count.  Like knitting, Tunisian has clearly delineated stitches, so it's easy to stay on track or see if you've skipped a stitch.  Undoing a row or two is a breeze, and you don't have to pick up stitches, as with knitting.  The quick, simple hand movements--more like knitting than crochet--are hugely relaxing.  I'm totally "hooked"!

Dora's book isn't just "another pretty" face--i.e., a book of patterns.  There's a very complete collection of stitches, many of them unique to this book.  I'm particularly interested in duplicating knitted cable designs in crochet, and Dora's book inspired me to invent some techniques of my own!  This is a book to be studied carefully, so give yourself plenty of time to read, learn and experiment!


I saw Tunisian Crochet the first time at a Stitches event via Stitch Diva Studios a few years ago.  I made my 1st project with a quick primary colors blanket for a friend's newborn son.  I haven't tried anymore Tunisian projects ... I guess I need some inspiration please =)

Tunisian DVD

I already have the book and I'd love to have the DVD. I love the texture of Tunisian, it almost looks hand woven.

Your book is wonderful so I know the DVD will be too!

Susan Parker



Tunisian book and DVD

I have been hesitating about Tunisian so far, but with all the buzz right now, I'm getting interested. This DVD and the book might be just the motivation I need to try it.

tunisian dvd

I belong to a Spinners & Craft group here in Mackay, Queensland, Australia and after being seen doing tunisian crochet, many of the ladies have shown interest and I feel if I had the dvd I could more competently teach them the correct way without passing on any bad habits I may have.  I have your book on order from an outlet here in Queensland but with a dvd they can learn from the example of an exponent of international reputation.  Tunisian crochet is kinder on the hands and shoulders than knitting.  I am unable to knit for more than a half hour at a time as hand and shoulders cramp painfully.

Love the Book

I have had this book on my Amazon wishlist for months waiting for it to be released. I think the designs in the book are amazing examples of what you can do with Tunisian crochet. I just learned Tunisian last year, but it is one of my favorite techiniques, and I love finding awesome new Tunisian patterns.

Tunisian DVD

I would love to add Tunisian to my crochet repertoire. I have been admiring all the innovations I have been seeing lately.

I thoroughly enjoy Tunisian

I thoroughly enjoy Tunisian crochet.I like the variety of looks-crochet, knitting, and weaving, seperately, or in combination. For some reason, double-ended in the round throws me, so I'm delighted to see an explanation is in the dvd!

Tunisian Crochet with Dora Ohrenstein

I love to knit as well as crochet but am much faster with crochet. I am interested in Tunisian Crochet because I have done it for years. Now there are so many new beautiful stitches and patterns of all categories. I think I need a refresher course.

Your New Book

I have been doing several Tunisian crochet projects lately.   I like regular crochet, but there is something soothing about doing tunisian crochet.  I also like the drape of the fabric createad with tunisian.  I am trying to do and learn as much as I can about it.  I received your new book as soon as it came out so I could drool over the projects until I had time to start one of them!

tunisian crochet

I happened on Tunisian crochet about a year and a half ago and I absolutely love it.

I have been knitting and crocheting for many years, but have found that traditional knitting hurts ,my shoulder and traditional crochet is fine when you want  to create something for a female, but its not so good for the guys, and as I have a husband, three sons and a grandson my options were limited.

I have spent lots of time since looking for tunisian crochet patterns but they are very hard to come by, so I have ended up doing my own thing which is fine, but it takes me a few attempts before I'm happy with the result.

I am delighted to hear that there are people writing new patterns and await the result with bated breath

Every time I see Tunisian

Every time I see Tunisian crochet I think it is beautiful and that I need to learn how to do it. But then I put off starting because I think it will be too hard to master. I bought your book but maybe the videos will jump start me to learn this technique!

Tunisian crochet

I've been using Tunisian crochet for about three years now, and it has opened up a whole new world of fiber creativity for me.  I love the variety of stitches, their stackability, and the diversity of fabrics you can make just by tweaking the forward or return pass.  I can't wait to get my hands on this book!

Tunisian Crochet DVD

I would LOVE this DVD.  I have been trying to teach myself Tunisian crochet from a book and online videos, but I haven't gotten very far.  I love how versitile Tunisian is and how similar it is to knitting.  However, I just seem to be unable to figure out knitting more than a bery basic rribbed stich, so I am hoping Tunisian will be better for me.  I taught myself to crochet from a book when I was in my late twenties.