Around the Corner Crochet Borders

Around the Corner Crochet Borders

Author Edie Eckman really has her pulse on what gaps in crochet knowledge need filling.  Her new book, "Around the Corner Crochet Borders," pinpoints an obvious one that's been left unfilled for too long: how to work around corners when edging a square piece of crochet, such as an afghan.  Edie has given us a book with 150  colorful edgings with neat, and neat-looking corners.  The opening section prepares the reader thoroughly for how best to add edgings to crochet, knit or woven pieces, how to count and adjust for stitch pattern multiples and how to join rounds.  The edgings range from simple to complex, and include waves, leaves, picots and all the varieties of crochet prettiness one can imagine.  The stitches are nicely photographed and show good detail, with stitch diagrams supplied for each edging. Many are traditional looking, but others satisfy my own particular craving for more unusual ideas, like a border of overlapping discs.  Students of this book will be able to figure out ways to turn the corner on any other edging pattern they come across. Kudos to Edie for continuing to provide great resources to the crochet community!


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Crochet Borders.

Me encanto como se ve el libro de Crochet Borders!!!!!