Granny Square Love

Granny Square Love

by Dora Ohrenstein

What more can be done with the Granny Square than what's been done before?  Of course, in recent seasons, the fashion runway has been showing grannies in all their glory, from the muted tones of Christopher Kane to the traditional black and brights sported by Cate Blanchett.  


Sarah London's appealing new book Granny Square Love cleverly re-imagines the granny with an array of items for the home. She uses them in traditional ways, for afghans and pillow covers, and more inventively, to cover lampshades and ottomans, and as decorative appliques and borders. One important element that lets us see grannies anew is the size of the squares.  Check out the photo here, where none of the grannies are the typical size seen in afghans.  The squares on the wall hanging in the background are medium large, with two colors, the one in the throw on the bed are larger yet, with a multicolored border of uneven stripes, and the pillow is a giant square mysteriously inscribed by an X created by the two-color composition.  In another design, traditional sized Grannies cover a lamp, irresistably cute and perfect for a kids' room. Others float on a curtain, and yet others wrap themselves around a teapot with a curved spout.


What transports Sarah's designs to another level is her piquant, even daring, use of color; the vibrant combos put her work right over the top.  The book includes fun tips on how to work with color, and you can read more about Sarah's color ideas in our interview of her in this issue:


Granny Square Love has playful, inviting graphics, with large stitch diagrams.  There are clear, well-illustrated sections on basic stitches and techniques -- making this book excellent for the beginning crocheter.  It would also be a fine source of inspiration for anyone with lots of colorful bits in their stash.



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Available on Kindle

Just thought I'd let folks know that this is available for Kindle, and it wouldn't surprise me if it were available in other electronic formats such as iBooks and Nook.