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Busting the Bad Crochet Myth

It’s sad but true, crochet is too often not given its due. It still has an image problem. Why it’s such a struggle to establish crochet’s worthiness is a mystery, though some plausible theories can be advanced.

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Breaking the Mould

When I was a young, impressionable girl of about 13 or so, I remember reading an article that aimed to explain why most of the geniuses of the past were men, with a very few notable exceptions. Leonardo, not Leonarda…

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Antique Crochet Beauties: Collecting and connecting to a rich tradition

Sold!” declares the auctioneer, banging his gavel down, and I grin with the delight of success. The bidding for “lot 46” has been intense, but I am the victor, and after the auction finishes, I will collect my booty and take the precious contents home.

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Afghan Love: Pam’s Comfort Cable Afghan

This beautiful afghan was instigated by a sad event: our friend and design colleague Pam Gilette ( was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. We all followed her online journal, where she wrote with great courage and eloquence about her experiences.

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A Love Affair with Motifs

I don’t know when my love-affair with motifs started. It can probably be traced to the day I was making a granny blanket from scraps in my mother’s yarn stash. I noticed that making a new color combination for every square…

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