I’m thrilled to be teaching at these fine venues:


Crochet garments with the impeccable fit you’ve always wanted! Discover custom pattern alteration techniques as you create a chic Tunisian crochet vest.

Create garments that truly flatter with personalized pattern alterations. Join crochet designer and author Dora Ohrenstein as she demystifies Tunisian crochet and shares accessible techniques for making a flattering vest you’ll adore. Warm up your hook by reviewing the Tunisian simple, knit and slip stitches — the three stitches you’ll need in this class. Then, learn proper methods for accurately measuring your bust, shoulders, waist and more. Dora will show you how to make adjustments to your pattern and flawlessly complete key alterations to your bust width, armhole and often-overlooked shoulder shaping. Finally, leave no curve unattended as you discover simple techniques for flattering your waist and hips before weaving in your ends for a perfectly polished garment. Enjoy showcasing your gorgeous new vest and add these unique stitches to your crochet repertoire today!

Vogue Knitting Live

In 2014, I was the crochet teacher at this fabulous event in New York and Chicago.

If you’re interested in having Dora teach at your event or shop, please contact us. Here are some of Dora’s Classes.

Crochet Finishing School 

Just like ladies once polished up their appearance, we can greatly improve our crochet by going to Finishing School. We will learn 3 different seams: woven, whip stitch, and slip stitch, and when to use them. We’ll learn how to work evenly spaced edging on any edge you might encounter, and how to use edging as a shaping device, as in tightening up necklines or on hats. We’ll study blocking and the difference between steam, spritz, and full wet blocking, and what projects and yarns are appropriate for each method. Lastly, we’ll look at buttonholes, ruffles, and other special finishing devices. The skills you gain in this class will give all your crochet projects that extra something special that turns “home made” into “hand made.”

Hooker’s Guide to Flexible Tension (NYC)

Flexible tension is a skill that allows you better control of hook and yarn. If you consistently have trouble meeting gauge, or stitch very tightly or loosely and want to break the habit, this class is for you! Flexible tension allows you to loosen or tighten stitches at will and “sculpt” individual stitches as you go to enhance their appearance. You’ll learn to develop more ease and control in hand movements, and we’ll practice how to work three gauges with the same hook. Then we’ll move on to special stitches that help build tension control: slip stitches, puffs, cables, and loop stitches. You won’t believe how much better your crochet can look and feel when you acquire flexible tension!

Special Techniques of the Savvy Stitcher 

Do you ever sense that there are important concepts missing in your crochet education? So many crocheters are self-taught, they manage to acquire lots of skill without quite mastering others. This class provides the knowledge you may be seeking about: counting stitches, turning chains and alternatives, stitch pattern multiples, increasing and decreasing, joining yarns, changing colors, weaving in ends, and foundation stitches. We’ll continue building techniques for tackling challenging stitches like reverse single crochet and various loop stitches. Move your skill level up a notch by reviewing both standard and innovative ways to tackle typical crochet questions.

Introduction to Crochet Sweater Making 

Despite a wealth of gorgeous sweater patterns for crocheters today, many crocheters are fearful of tackling sweaters. This class will empower you to move forward by covering the various sweater constructions, the benefits of making one-piece designs vs. several pieces, and choosing the right yarn. We will discuss how to read a schematic, how to know which size to pick, and how to alter the sweater for your body.

Tunisian Crochet Is Hot! 

Crocheters are very excited about this special technique that opens many new options for creating all kinds of items. The look and feel is totally different from either knitting or regular crochet—Tunisian can be more firm and stretchy, but don’t be fooled into thinking it can’t be light and lacy too! Learn all the basic stitches and a few more advanced ones, and experiment with different yarns to see how they look in Tunisian crochet. Learn how to adapt knitted patterns to Tunisian knit stitch.

Perfect Fit: Top-Down Crochet Sweater

People love this sweater construction because it requires no seaming, and you can try it on as you go. This class thoroughly explains the principles of how to make a top-down
sweater, how to plan the dimensions ahead of time to suit your body, how to turn a pullover into a cardigan and vice versa, where to plot shaping, how to alter an existing pattern, and how to create various necklines in top-down construction.

Crossed and Cabled Crochet Stitches

If you get nervous when a pattern says to work behind, around, or over another stitch, this class has the answers you’ve been seeking. Making great-looking crossed and cabled stitches requires a few special techniques we’ll study thoroughly, including working into skipped stitches, into stitches on other rows, front and back post stitches, and crossed cables worked from both the front and back. Dora breaks it down into basic steps you can practice, gradually advancing your skills. You’ll learn great-looking stitches to use in throws, scarves, bags, and garments. Mastering these techniques will help you face all kinds of projects with confidence and open up a great vocabulary of
fabulous stitch patterns.

Colorwork in Crochet

Crochet and color go together like love andcmarriage! Learn several techniques for doing colorwork, fromcsimpler methods using post and spike stitches to stranded
intarsia and tapestry crochet. We will also cover how to readccolorwork charts and investigate color theory, so you feelcconfident in your choices. Lastly, we will learn how to work withcvariegated and self-striping yarns for awesome color effects.