Oma House Slippers

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How can you resist such adorable slippers!  Pattern comes in women's sizes 3 through 12, and includes the sole of the slipper plus the top, so no extra parts needed, and no sewing.  What could beat that? 

Level:  Easy

Sizes:  Womens shoe size 3 - 12


200 yds worsted weight yarn

K hook

Meet the Designer:

My name is Tara Murray and I live in Alaska, the last frontier. The winters here are long, cold, and dark but I get lots of extra time to crochet and design. I have a wonderful husband (my yarn ball maker) and two small children (my yarn ball destroyers). When I’m not playing with or cleaning up after these three I’m crocheting….or thinking about crocheting.


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I have searched around for a

I have searched around for a free crochet pattern for cute slippers and none come anywhere CLOSE to how attractive yours are. I will gladly pay the $5 to finally figure out how you do it! Congratulations on a beautiful creation. Can't wait to see how it is done.