Addiclick Interchangeable Crochet Hooks with Cable


This beautiful Addiclick hook set is at the high end of equipment for crocheters looking for a little luxury.  It consists of 8 hooks ranging from 3-5 - 9 mm in size, and a flexible cable that allows you to use it them as Tunisian hooks.  Distributed by Skacelknitting,  the set is intended as an upgrade or "booster pack" to the existing Click knitting sets, interchangeable knitting needles.  In other words, they wanted the Addi Click sets to be complete, so they added this set of hooks.  As a crocheter, I appreciate that this company, making some of the best tools in the business, saw the advantages of including flexible hooks, especially with Tunisian Crochet catching on by leaps and bounds.  They are beautifully packaged in a black case that looks like a wallet.  The smaller hooks are aluminum, super light and smooth, and the two larger ones are clear plastic, decorated with gold sparkles.  My only complaint is that two of my favorite Tunisian hook sizes are missing from the group:  5.5 mm (I) and 6.5 mm (K). At the same time, I doubt that I would often use the E and F hooks in the collection.  Am I alone in wishing that the choice had gone the other way? To obtain nice drape in Tunisian, hook sizes at the the larger end are usually best. The cable extension is very thin, and about 30" long.  The stopper that goes at the end of the cable must be purchased separately - it's a little red heart and is called a Heart Stopper -- pretty dang cute!