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Ariadne Scarf

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The Ariadne Scarf is a study in how different weights and fibers behave. It consists of the same medallion worked in a variety of yarns and gauges. By crocheting the same pattern in many kinds of yarns, you’ll see the effect these variables have on results. Drape will vary considerably from one medallion to the next. The challenge is to increase the size of the medallions gradually, so you may have to experiment with different hook sizes. Fear not! It’s a fun learning experience and an excellent exercise in exploring the relationship between yarn, hook, and stitches.

Product Description

Product Description

Downloadable pattern in PDF file format. 1 download per purchase.

Skill Level: Easy.

A great stash buster!

Final Measurements: 4–5’/1.25–1.5m in length

Materials and Tools:

Approx. 50yd/46m of 25 different yarns, ranging in thickness from fine to worsted weight; you may use fewer yarns and repeat some on either side.

Range of crochet hooks from B/1 (2.25mm) to H/8 (5mm).


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